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29th June 2022

The highly experienced Criminal Law department at GSB is headed up by Angela Craig and covers all aspects of criminal law, including representation in court should this be necessary. In this article, Angela provides an overview of the range of legal issues that this relates to along with specialist advice about what to do in these situations.

Life can be unpredictable and situations can arise when you might need legal representation in relation to a criminal or Court related matter.

Of course, appearing in Court or any issue relating to a court matter can be confusing and daunting for people. There are constantly changes in the law and I would recommend that people seek legal advice in such situations at the earliest possible stage.

Whether you’re worried about attending a police interview, have been charged with an offence, are required to make an appearance in court, or have been the victim of a crime, we’re ready to help you and can advise on issues arising from a road traffic incident, including the possibility of you facing criminal charges.

Criminal law solicitors will help you if you are suspected or accused of a crime. When the police allege that you have committed a criminal offence, solicitors can represent you to make sure your legal rights are protected and to present your case in court to make sure you get a fair hearing. 

There are a wide range of criminal offences. They include offences of violence, public disorder charges, dishonesty offences such as fraud and theft and road traffic matters. Criminal law solicitors will use their knowledge and experience to ensure the best outcome for you and your case.

For many people, road traffic offences are their only experience with the police and courts. Road traffic offences include speeding, drink driving, careless or dangerous driving.  Therefore, it is crucial to find a solicitor with specialist experience of handling traffic offences who can advise you through the legal process.

You should contact a solicitor as soon as you become aware that you are being accused of an offence. Whether you are innocent or guilty of a criminal or road traffic offence, you need the support of a specialist criminal law solicitor as soon as you are aware that you are suspected or accused of a crime.

You should contact a solicitor even before you speak to the police or go to a police station (if possible), so they can tell you what to expect, and explain what your rights are.

A criminal law solicitor will advise you about details of the case against you, and your options to plead guilty or not guilty to the charge. They will advise you about the likely penalty you may face if you plead, or are found, guilty.

If you are pleading not guilty, your solicitor will assist you to understand the legal procedures and help you prepare your side of the story, so that you can have a fair trial. They will help you to understand the evidence that the police and prosecution are presenting against you and will gather evidence that supports your case.

If you plead or are found guilty, your solicitor can help you by gathering and presenting material to the court pointing out any mitigating circumstances and explanations to persuade the court to deal with your case more leniently.

Local knowledge can also provide valuable assistance, for example in road traffic accident reconstruction or knowledge of the particular location of an alleged offence.

And for persons on limited income, legal aid may be available to meet the cost of legal representation in Court.

I hope that you have found this article informative and if you do unfortunately find yourself in a situation where you need criminal law representation, we are here to guide you through to the best possible outcome.

Angela Craig
Director / Head of Court
[email protected]

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