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Garden Stirling Burnet has the biggest family law department in East Lothian, with a combined legal experience of 70 years. Whatever issue you’re facing, our team is sure to find a practical solution to your family’s legal needs.

Family Law Solicitors in East Lothian
Claire Christie - Legal Director of Family Law

Claire Christie

Head of Family Law


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Amanda Richardson

Amanda Richardson

Practice Manager


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What Family Law Services do we provide?

Our major focus in the family law aspect of the legal system is on separation. We help you manage how it affects the financial and practical aspects of your life – and the lives of your children.

However, we also provide our services to couples wanting to shore-up their relationship. We can do this in the way of cohabitation contracts, as well as pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Our services include:

  1. Divorce
  2. Civil-Partnership and Cohabitation Separations 
  3. Child Residence (formerly known as Custody)
  4. Child Contact (formerly known as Access)
  5. Shared Child Care Agreements 
  6. Pre-nuptial Agreements
  7. Post-nuptial Agreements  
  8. Cohabitation Contracts 

Our process is entirely bespoke. Regardless of your values, orientation, or identity, we’ll find a solution that works for you. 

What’s more, being part of the larger Garden Stirling Burnet firm, we can help you when our services cross-over into your other private client needs, such as will writing and power of attorney.

How We’re Different

Despite being a relatively large team for the region and having seven decades of legal know-how under our collective belts, we have taken a fresh approach to family law.

We’re empathetic problem solvers, and great listeners.

Our goal is to get you through a potentially challenging time and help you come out of it stronger. 

We find creative solutions that match your budget and relationship.

We’re not about rushing into court when a conversation around the kitchen table after a chat with us can iron-out a separation. If required, we can also take more significant steps before court action, such mediation and arbitration.

We prioritise you and your wellbeing.

You’ll get practical guidance on managing your situation and how it will change your life going forwards – think of it like family law after-care.

Any change to your family dynamic can be intimidating, even when it’s drafting legal documents to maintain a relationship. This is why we’ve taken the approach above, and why we’re confident we can provide expert service.

Our Family Law Team

Our team is made up of outstanding family law professionals.

Family Law Solicitors at Garden Stirling Burnet
L2R – Amanda Richardson, Claire Christie

Heading the department is Claire Christie. Claire has 18 years of specialist family law experience and has managed many high-value separation cases. She’s a trained collaborative lawyer and recognised as a “practitioner of note” by the Legal 500. 

Family Law Paralegal, Amanda Richardson – who has 20 years of experience running high value matrimonial cases – is also an integral part of the team.

“We want to provide quality, value for money family law advice for the people of East Lothian and the surrounding regions. It is important that our clients leave us feeling they had a positive experience at what is often a very difficult time in their lives.” 

Claire Christie (press release)

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